All of the dental marketing services that Big Buzz delivers are backed by research.

The process starts with Big Buzz surveying the people who matter most in the practice: the patients/referring doctors.

Big Buzz also interviews the dentist(s) and any other key players in the practice. The purpose of this is to gather data on current perceptions of the practice and to analyze marketing efforts to date.

From that data, Big Buzz deploys Total Marketing: DentistsTotal Marketing: Cosmetic Dentists, or the Marketing Platform.

Every tactic delivered by Big Buzz follows a similar step-by-step methodology that is easy to follow and manage. For example, Brand Naming has a succinct four-step process to completion. Logo Development, a simple seven-step formula. Website Development also has seven steps. The same goes for every one of the marketing tactics available through Big Buzz.

The Marketing Platform is a prerequisite for delivery of all marketing tactics. This eliminates marketing guesswork, which is time-consuming and expensive. It helps keep the dental team and the marketers focused on the most important matter at hand: driving results for the practice.

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