Design Showcase: PetroManus Logo Development

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A brand’s identity is fundamentally tied to its logo. Whenever we’re asked to develop a logo, we take this responsibility very seriously, and put a great deal of thought into the work.

I thought it’d be fun to show you one of our latest logo development processes, to give you a window in the thought and work that goes into this kind of project.

Options 1 and 2

We wanted to represent stability and expertise with these logos, as these are both core values of PetroManus. In order to accomplish this, we utilized stacked lettering and grey coloring.

Option 3

With this logo, we used a unique mark that is strong – signifying their longevity and precision. This logo also shows a bit more personality.

Option 4

Using the spherical shape shows how PetroManus has offered expertise all over the world while remaining eco-friendly.

Option 5

By adding the green p, we’ve created an abstract way of tying in the brand with a simplistic mark. The font shows stability and longevity while the p gives an abstract touch of how you give back to the community.

The client was very pleased with the options, and ultimately went with Option 4.

Design Showcase – ROSS Property Brochure

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Our client, The Ross Management Group, offers unsurpassed care for owners and their properties, residents and their homes and employees and their careers.

They are particularly adept at turning troubled properties into profitable ventures. We took all of these brand promises into account when we designed this brochure to showcase their expertise in doing just that, which they call a “propertytriage.”

The Front:

The Back:

The “Quit the Spit” Dentist – for your rapping pleasure

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Every brand has an engaging story to tell, even a dental practice. Our client Dr. Mike Diorio is known as the “Quit the Spit” dentist. Check out his rap!

Watch it here!

Why not become known for something in the community? People remember that “one thing” you do well. You come across as an expert in your field, which leads to added exposure. That’s the perfect formula for growth!

What’s that one thing your brand does best? We can help.