Development of Marketing Platform and Delivery of All Tactics Therein

Ideal for the practice that wants to grow its number of cosmetic, implant and restorative cases.  

The Total Marketing: Cosmetic Dentist offering starts with Big Buzz surveying the people who matter most in the practice: the patients and referring doctors. Big Buzz also interviews the dentist(s) and any other key players in the practice. The purpose of this is to gather data on current perceptions of the practice and to analyze marketing efforts to date.

From that data, Big Buzz develops the dental practice’s Marketing Platform. Everything included in the Marketing Platform offering is delivered with Total Marketing: Cosmetic Dentist, including:

Delivery of the Marketing Tactics

Once the foundation of the Marketing Platform is in place, Big Buzz is uniquely positioned to deliver any and all marketing tactics needed to take your practice to the next level. This is Big Buzz’s Total Marketing: Cosmetic Dentist service.

Essentially, there are about 50 different marketing tactics that a dental practice could deploy:

The Possibilities

  • Messaging Development
  • Mood Board Development
  • Marketing Platform
  • Competitor Research
  • Logo Design
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Naming Strategy
  • Branded Giveaways (toothbrushes, pens, etc.)
  • LinkedIn Publishing
  • Transition Communications
  • Content Marketing
  • Community/Charitable Involvement
  • Events/Webinars/Seminars
  • Instructional/Educational Videos
  • Phone Scripts/Training

  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Brochures
  • Pandora Advertising
  • Spotify Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • TV Advertising
  • Billboards
  • Custom Professional Print

  • Internal Referral Strategy
  • Referral Network Strategy
  • Care to Share Cards
  • Vision Strategy
  • Quarterly Refresher Trainings
  • Dental Team Engagement Strategy
  • Thank You Cards
  • Welcome Packets
  • Point-of-Sales Campaigns
  • Full-Face Before and After Photos
  • Video Testimonials
  • “First Smile” Photos after Completed Cosmetic Work
  • Case Studies

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Strategy and Engagement
  • Google AdWords
  • Remarketing
  • Snapchat Geofilters
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Yelp Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Online Review Strategy
  • Display Banner Advertising
  • Blog Support
  • Newsletter Campaign
  • Email Campaign
  • Conversational Forms
  • Live Chat
  • Video Marketing

Big Buzz narrows your cosmetic dentistry practice marketing plan down to just the handful of tactics that is right at that time. Here’s an example of a marketing mix for a cosmetic dentistry practice:

Integrated Marketing Strategy for Dentists

That is not the mix that we will recommend for you, since our solutions are never cookie-cutter copies of another client’s work, but it gives you an idea for how the marketing plan shakes out. In this case, the monthly spend is $4,700 and it is allotted appropriately across four marketing tactics: content marketing, referring doctor outings, LinkedIn lead mining, and SEO with retargeting. Over the course of 12 months, Big Buzz delivers the tactics detailed on your dental practice marketing plan with top-notch service and impeccable expertise.

And that drives the best results for your practice.

Location. All projects can be completed via email, phone or our conference line. If you would like for us to come to your location, we can include that in the scope of work.

Duration. From kickoff call to completion, expect this to project to span 12 months.

Scheduling. The Total Marketing: Cosmetic Dentist offering can begin within one week of receiving the signed contract and first payment.

Deliverable. Marketing Platform and all tactics recommended in the Strategic Marketing Plan. Tactics to be determined when Strategic Marketing Plan is developed. Monthly reporting detailing time, budget and activities to date.

Implementation Guidance. Some of the tactics delivered will need implementation from the practice; namely, the practice will be responsible for helping to create content if content marketing is recommended. This participation may take the form of the doctor writing 500-word articles once to twice per month or he/she participating in an hour-long phone interview with Big Buzz once to twice per month to gather information to ghostwrite those articles. Where implementation guidance is necessary, it will be detailed tactic-by-tactic in the Strategic Marketing Plan.

Participation Requirements. Beyond implementation guidance, you will need to be present for at least three, 15-minute phone calls/meetings to 1. Review the Brand Messaging, 2. Review the Mood Board, and 3. Review the Strategic Marketing Plan. Additional calls/meetings to review revisions and make final edits may take place within the project duration. Should the Strategic Marketing Plan include Website Development, you will be responsible for reading the website copy provided and making any edits within the timeframe agreed upon in the project kickoff call.  You will also need to be present for once-monthly, 30-minute reporting calls.

Investment. Minimum fee of $37,500, estimated in advance with two payment options available ($3,300 per month for 12 months, or $18,750 due up front and $18,750 due four weeks after first payment, usually the timeframe it takes to complete the Marketing Platform.) Practices are asked to invest 5-7% of total annual production. For example, if a practice has total annual production of $1,200,000, then the minimum investment would be $60,000, estimated in advance with two payment options available ($5,250 per month for 12 months, or $30,000 due up front and $30,000 due six weeks after first payment, usually the timeframe it takes to complete the Marketing Platform and Website Development). Why is it so “expensive”?

References. For more information, you may want to reference our FAQ section.

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