The #1 Myth about Marketing (And How to Overcome It)


There are plenty of myths about dental marketing…

  • That the dental team will help propel the marketing efforts. Dental teams are trained professionals in dentistry, not marketing. Even a dental team member with a marketing background will be strapped for time to truly deliver measurable results. In order to translate marketing efforts into higher production dollars, it’s best to outsource the heavy lifting to marketing experts, even if it’s your brother-in-law.
  • That online marketing is the way to go. In nine years serving hundreds of dental practices, we have seen very few practices thrive on online marketing alone; instead, it’s important to execute the right mix of traditional, internal and awareness marketing as well as online marketing.
  • That using multiple providers for various marketing specialties, such as SEO or direct mail, is best. A full-service dental marketing agency will be able to track and report on all your marketing efforts. You will also only have to have one point of contact to get questions answered and request completed.  If you do choose to use several different vendors, we recommend hiring a marketing expert to oversee all of your providers, holding them to the same standards and goals.
  • That just because a marketing provider has a great sales pitch, they must drive great results. Instead of vetting them by their sales abilities, check references and ask for case studies of past work with practices like yours.

All of that said, the #1 myth, and most insidious one, is that the object of the marketing game is simply to attract patients.

Au contraire!

The object of the marketing game is to attract ideal patients.

And here’s how to do exactly that:

Survey your best patients to understand what marketing tactics resonate with them. Next, research what the competition is doing. If four out of five competitors are running Google AdWords, steer clear or go to market with an edgier, catchier message. If none of them are doing Yelp ads, consider investing there, but only if your surveys showed that your patients and their friends and family frequent that website.

This is an insidious myth because it impacts everything. Without this research on the front end, marketing efforts can get lost in a sea of sameness among other dental offices.

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