The 3 Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Dental Marketing Agency

Here are three questions to ask yourself before you contact a marketing agency:

  1. What is my specific, quantifiable marketing goal? Any reputable marketing agency will ask you up front what you want to achieve with your marketing. You might share with them that you are seeing 10 new patients per month now, and you want to be seeing 25. This helps them gauge what level of marketing is right for your dental practice. The best marketing agencies will offer a complimentary initial marketing plan to help you realize those goals sooner than later, regardless of whether you hire them.
  1. What is my practice doing now for marketing, what’s working, and what’s not working? A good marketing agency can build upon your marketing foundation. The very best agencies will advise you on what to trim from the existing plan and what to add to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness, and accelerate the time to goal realization.
  1. Who on my dental team will help spearhead this effort? Every marketing agency will tell you that it’s impossible to outsource marketing completely. They will need timely project feedback from you, approvals to ensure that expectations are aligned, logistical details like website and social media logins, etc. The top dental marketing agencies will provide you with tools and team trainings to make it easy for your marketing to run smoothly with very little effort on your part. In any case, it’s best to appoint an administrative person in the practice to tend to the details while you focus on dentistry. Be cautious not to relinquish 100% control internally, either, though. The very best agencies will update you on high-level progress and results at least once monthly.

Next week: The best questions to ask the agency once you contact them.