3 TED Talks We Love

By September 6, 2016Blog

TED Talks are an inspiring, enlightening and motivating way to bring new perspective to your professional, personal, emotional and mental outlook. These three TED Talks do just that, and can be applied to several professional and personal circumstances.

  1. “Got a meeting? Take a walk” by Nilofer Merchant

In this brief, 3-minute talk, Merchant uses humor and poised delivery to get her point across: the majority of us spend our days sitting. Recent research shows that sitting that much can have detrimental effects on our health. Her solution? Any time we have a conversation-based meeting, switch up the routine by going on a walk. That way, we are fulfilling our work duties while still promoting our health.

Watch the talk, here.

  1. “The happy secret to better work” by Shawn Achor

In this talk, Achor takes us through a basic summary of positive psychology. He demonstrates that looking at a person’s surroundings can only explain 10% of their happiness level. The other 90% is based upon how their brain perceives the world around them. Taking it a step further, he explains the societal myth in which success leads to happiness. This is flawed because people tend to further extend their goals once they are reached the first time.

Watch the talk, here.

  1. “How to succeed? Get more sleep” by Ariana Huffington

Huffington keeps it short and sweet in this talk. Getting enough quality sleep is vital for functioning effectively at work. She discusses a recent cultural phenomenon: wanting to one-up each other with sleep deprivation. This phenomenon has adverse effects. Getting a solid night’s sleep can lead to increased productivity, happiness and decision-making.

Watch the talk, here.

Set yourself and your team on a clear path to success by taking a few moments this week to indulge in these insightful, eye-opening and educational videos.