4 Quick Fixes for Your Social Media Marketing

By January 19, 2018Blog

Social media can play a large role in your marketing plan. When done correctly, social media marketing can boost new patient numbers, production and brand awareness. Take your social media marketing to the next level by implementing these four quick fixes:

  1. Change who you are targeting: Social media appeals to the young and trendy, but that’s not the only demographic using it! According to a Pew Research study, mentioned here, Facebook users aged 45-54 are spending more time on the social media website now than ever before. That same age group is likely your target demographic. These patients also have children and parents that can become your patients, too. Market to this group with content, imagery and information to which they can connect. For example, if they are busy getting kids to soccer practice while also having to take care of their aging parent, be sure to mention you offer CEREC same-day crowns. Quality care and convenience is exactly what they’re going after.
  2. Post smarter. Posting to social media regularly can feel like a task, especially when different users are posting at various times or login information is in several places. Use a tool like Hootsuite to house all your social media pages and to schedule posts throughout the week. Hootsuite allows your team to use one login to access all your social media pages, and to see exactly what has been posted and what’s scheduled to go out.
  3. Remember to listen. In the book, Social Media is a Cocktail Party, authors Jim Tobin and Liza Braziel connect social media to a social gathering. Just like you wouldn’t do all the talking at a cocktail party, you shouldn’t do all the talking on social media. Spend just 10 minutes each week looking at other people’s posts to see what’s happening in their world. Are you a specialist? Look at the pages of the general dentists who refer to you, and share their relevant posts (i.e. share posts about their canned food drive or the new technology they just installed in the office). They will likely reciprocate.
  4. Try something new. The video trend grew immensely in 2017, and it’s not stopping. One way to keep video fresh? Live video! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow users to post live broadcasts about what’s happening in their lives. Use live video feeds at your practice by giving tours of the office, sharing a tip of the week, or introducing new staff members.