5 Types Of Facebook Posts That Will Increase Engagement

The key to engagement on Facebook is valuable content. Sharing great content and interacting with your connections is a fantastic opportunity to reach out beyond your target. Just because you are a dental practice or a medical office does not mean that you should only share posts related to your industry. Your content needs to relate with your patients and prospects. When writing content for Facebook keep it personable and stick to the formula of 80 percent value-added content and 20 percent pitch and marketing.

Here are 5 types of content that will get you “likes” and comments:

1. Captivating images Visual content is key to increasing engagement and interaction on your Facebook page. Share pictures of office events, conferences, staff, and patients (if they give their consent) accompanied by a short description.

2. Best caption contests This is a great and simple way to engage your patients to respond to a Facebook post. Choose an intriguing image and ask your fans to give it a title. Announce a winner and give out prizes. Choose a day of the week/month for the best caption contests and make it a tradition.

3. Celebrate official awareness months Find creative ways to celebrate commemorative months like National Children’s Dental Health Month, Heart Health Month, Black History Month, Autism Awareness Month, and more.

4. Ask questions Try next time when you share something on Facebook to end the post with a simple question. You can use Yes or No, multiple choice, or generate debates with questions. Ask your fans to pick their favorite things, to choose whether a statement is true or false, or to encourage them to rate something from 1 to 5.

5. Success stories Let your audience know what works best for your practice. Share your experience, show how you solve problems in a creative way, and establish yourself as an expert that can also connect with his/her patients and prospects.