5 Ways Marketing in the Dental Industry Will Change in 2019

By January 2, 2019Blog

The dental industry, and the marketing thereof, has seen some big changes over the last year. Some of these trends are expected to continue into the new year while new ones will emerge. In this age of technological improvements, new digital platforms and evolving audiences it’s more important than ever to anticipate change and stay one step ahead of the curve. Read on to examine 5 predictions for changes to marketing in the dental industry in 2019.


Video Content

We touched upon this in our roundup of 2018, but the importance of video content in the digital era cannot be stressed enough. More than 500 million hours of YouTube content is consumed daily, and more than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily. In this digital era consumers want fast and easy access to information, and they want to consume that information to be as easily as possible.


Influencer Promotion

The importance of using influencers as marketing tools is on the rise, especially among young people who often turn to prominent social media figures for insight and direction. But “influencer” is a term that spans far beyond viral personalities and Instagram superstars. Local influencers can be invaluable in helping a practice achieve good positioning. Not only that, practices themselves can become influencers as well.


3D printing

While the rise of 3D printing is not a new concept in and of itself, it’s set to reach a new level of ubiquity in dentistry in 2019. In fact, a group of Texas prisons will use 3D printing to produce dentures for inmates, a move that will ultimately save money and time spent transporting inmates to offsite dental offices and clinics. Such a large-scale utilization of the practice seems to almost guarantee that it will be a prominent fixture in dentistry at large. Marketers would do well to educate themselves about the process as it becomes more commonplace.


Group Practices

The shift from individual practices to group practices has been emerging and looks to become a trend in 2019. There are a lot of benefits to joining a group practice, especially for younger dentists fresh out of school. Some of these include:


  • Paying off student loans
  • Lower overhead
  • Shared costs
  • Use of staff
  • More flexible schedule
  • Larger patient base


Marketers should keep this shift in mind as different dentists within the practice may have different needs.


Social Media Algorithms

Over the past few years, changes have been made to the algorithms of leading social media sites which are still affecting how dental groups and practices market themselves, and confronting these changes should be a top priority in 2019. There is no one solution, but some remedies may include increasing your social media ad budget or curating your content so that it resonates more with your new or smaller audience.


Keep these 5 predictions in mind as we head into 2019 and stay tuned to Big Buzz for more industry predictions and insights.