5 Ways to Successfully Market Your Upcoming Event

The start of summer means warmer weather and a noticeable surge in social gatherings and events. If your practice is hosting an upcoming event, here are five ways to generate interest and attract visitors.

  1. Create a Facebook Event. Many of your patients are likely on Facebook and use the site as a pseudo social calendar. By creating a Facebook Event, all details can be easily documented, promoted and referenced by patients. Be sure to include the basic details, specifically when and where the event will take place. Additional information about the event, such as if there will be food/drinks, if it’s family-friendly, etc., is always appreciated. Be sure that once you create the Facebook Event you post it to your practice Facebook page, and even your personal page, to gain exposure among your Facebook following.
  2. Utilize Email. Email your patient database to invite them to the event about six weeks prior to the date. Then, one and two weeks prior to the event, send out reminder emails. Email is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of communication and will allow you to easily get the word out about your event.
  3. Promote The Event In Your Office. Display signs or posters throughout your office with details about the event. Have your front office staff promote the event daily to patients as they check out. Provide a small postcard as a takeaway for patients so that they have dates and details handy.
  4. Post the Event To Your Website. Promote your event on your website so that patients (and potential patients who have yet to meet you) see that your practice is active in the community, stays on top of your online presence, appreciates patients, and is a group of personable, friendly people.
  5. Spread The Word. Have your staff invite their friends and family to further spread the word about your practice. Have your current patients invite their friends or family who are not necessarily established patients. Even if they are already patients, this allows your practice to stay top of mind and lays a solid foundation for referral opportunities.

Holding social gatherings and events is an effective way to keep your practice top-of-mind and grow your patient base. It allows your practice to establish relationships throughout your community, which can in-turn attract new patients and increase referrals.