6 Ways to Leave a Positive Impact on your Practice, Your Patients, and the Dental Industry

Leaving a legacy is a goal that most dentists aspire to meet. In the day-to-day throws of dentistry, it can be easy to slump into a routine and neglect the purpose of your work: to improve the lives of others. Follow the tips below to guarantee a positive impact on your practice, your patients, and your industry.

  1. Prioritize your patients. The relationships that you foster with your patients will help build trust, increase comfort, and make it more likely that they will refer others to your practice. Listen to your patients. Ask them open-ended questions and really make them feel heard. Remember, their health is in your hands, and that is so important. With positive doctor-patient relationships, satisfaction will increase all around. You will feel fulfilled practicing dentistry, your team will be busy and excited, and your patients will feel respected and valued. Not to mention, a positive relationship between a doctor and his or her patient often means more successful treatment.
  2. Take continuing education courses. Never stop learning. Staying up-to-date with dental technology and keeping your skills and your mind sharp will keep you more engaged in the practice, as well as improve your reputation as an expert dentist. Dentistry is always changing and evolving. Don’t get stuck in a familiar rut.
  3. Empathize with your patients. Empathy is simple in thought, but difficult in practice. As a dental professional, you know that a filling is an extremely simple procedure. Your patient does not. Step into his or her shoes and let them know that you hear them, that you understand their concerns, and that you’re on this journey with them. Empathy establishes trust and esteem. Trust and esteem translate into positive outcomes and satisfied patients.
  4. Invest in marketing. Marketing your practice is a surefire way to attract more patients and grow your reputation in your community. Depending on what your practice needs, marketing can get you more referrals, better online reviews, smoother team communication, etc. The list is extensive. Marketing will ensure that your practice will be successful long after you leave it.
  5. Act on your ideas. Have you ever had an idea to make a process more efficient? Perhaps you heard of a technique that will yield higher success rates? Share this at your study club. A great way to really make a name for yourself within the dental industry is to create something that benefits others.
  6. Give to something you care about. Whether your gift is money, time or labor, generosity will always be appreciated. It will also boost your practice reputation and brand awareness. Volunteer with groups that provide dental services to those less fortunate, provide toothbrushes to a homeless shelter, donate to research. Charity is key to improving the lives of others while you build your legacy.

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