7 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!

By November 29, 2011Blog

Robert Moment, a small business coach and the author of The Power of Exceptional Customer Service, has created a list of seven marketing mistakes that are crucial to avoid – and we agree!

1. Don’t be generic. By developing a unique practice identity and the right messaging you won’t lumped together with the same old-same dentist.

2. Don’t take patients for granted. Your patients should be your number one priority, since they are your practice. Moment suggests maybe sending a birthday card, but even a quick phone call to see how they’re doing after a procedure is appreciated. It’s free, takes about 10 minutes and really stands out in the patient’s mind.

3. Avoid stop and go marketing. Create a plan that can be sustained and implemented throughout the year. Strategically planned marketing will lessen the effects of slower times, and alleviate that rush of panic.

4. Use referral programs! Word of mouth is so popular in dentistry, and nowadays, word of mouth usually translates into social media. Create a referral program that works for both. Encouraging patients to send their friends and family your way is just as easy delivered at the end of an appointment as it is in a Facebook post. They want to refer, but you need to remind them.

5. Use the internet to your advantage. You must have a website for your practice! Even if patients aren’t finding your practice online, they are certainly checking it out once they discover you.

6. Send a newsletter. If you’ve got the names and email addresses you might as well use them. A monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to promote your practice while at the same time presenting useful information to your patients. In keeping with a referral program, a newsletter will allow your practice to stay top of mind so that when a new neighbor moves in, for example, your loyal patient can recommend you with a simple click of the “forward” button.

7. Get patient feedback. A brand study is a great way to get patient feedback. Having a third party ask patients questions about the practice allows them to open up and honestly answer the all burning questions you have. And with all that great feedback you’ll be able to tell if what you’re doing is working and be confident in making any necessary tweaks. Not to mention, it gives you a great opportunity to gather testimonials!