7 Quick Steps to a Marketing Makeover

Have new patient numbers plateaued? Not sure what to do?

Consider these 7 quick fixes to spruce up your marketing and increase practice production:

  1. Start Facebook Ads. This is a great way to immediately boost awareness of the practice and gain traction with your ideal patients. Go to Facebook, click “create ad” and choose “send people to your website”. Next, narrow down your audience by entering your practice location and choosing a radius within which your patients typically live. Narrow even further by selecting the age, income and other demographic data that is relevant to your ideal patient. Finally, add an image to your ad and develop text that encourages users to check out your practice. For example, promote “Free Smile Consultations”.
  2. Ramp Up Referrals. Incent the team today to ask for referrals every day. The trick is to observe when patients express gratitude, then deliver a one-liner such as, “We love patients like you. Feel free to send your friends and family our way.” This makes it more of a conversation than a hard ask, which is more comfortable for most dental staff members. Set a goal, such as 30 new patients from referrals each month, and share it with the team. When the whole team makes the goal together, give each member a thank you gift. It can be something as small as a $5 gift card for coffee, or a $50 gift certificate of their choice from the vendors provided by your corporate credit card point system. When we incent the staff to act, they truly take action.
  3. Spruce Up the Practice’s Web Presence. Many online marketing providers offer a complimentary online marketing assessment, wherein they offer free advice on how you can improve your website and increase traffic to it. Get one now – just fill out this quick form.
  4. Train the Team. There are plenty of marketing efforts that the dental team can spearhead for the practice, with the right training. Type “DIY Marketing” into your search engine, and you will find that several reputable dental marketing providers offer inexpensive training for your staff. They can learn everything from basic website design to search engine optimization strategies to social media solutions and more. Maximize the work that your front office contributes to the practice by making them marketing mavens. Explore options for getting your team trained – visit this web page.
  5. Ask for Online Reviews. Patients are shopping for their healthcare like they shop for shoes: they want to know what their peers think before making the purchase. At checkout, be sure that every satisfied patient is asked to write a Google and Yelp review. Consider posting instructions on the front desk to make it even easier for them. (Email us, and we will send instructions to you at no cost.)
  6. Invest A Dollar to Make Two. When it comes to investing in marketing, it’s better to start small than not at all. The best place to start is typically with a custom Google AdWords campaign for your practice. While this is not a do-it-yourself effort and is best left to the experts, the price tag is not high when you consider the return. With a monthly investment starting as low as $950, the average practice may see 5 new patients per month on a fairly regular basis from Google AdWords. If the average value of a new patient is $750, you have more than doubled your money with a return of $2,800. This single, small investment can gross the practice more than $33,000 in revenue annually! For a complimentary estimate for Google AdWords for your practice, simply send this message.
  7. Go for the Gold. Truly bold practices know that regular investment in expert dental marketing solutions pays off – big time. Forge a strong relationship with a dental marketing provider, regularly invest 5-7% of production into marketing, and you will have more likelihood than ever before of regularly reaching your new patient and production goals. Learn more here.