7 Reasons Why Marketing Consistency is Key

By October 6, 2015Blog
  1. It makes the practice more memorable. Too many dentists are lost in a sea of sameness. The same website template as the next practice. The same stock photos as the practice down the road. The same boring message as the one across town. When you survey patients to uncover your practice’s unique message and custom look, you are empowered to deploy marketing that will truly stick in your community.
  2. It is easier to manage. You have a 40-hour per week job as a dentist, and you certainly don’t want to moonlight as a marketing coordinator. When you have a consistent message and look, it becomes far simpler to fully delegate marketing to a team member or a third party. The message and look are the song sheet from which everyone sings, which means fewer opinions and arguments.
  3. It is less expensive to deploy. Consistency leads to efficiency. Marketing tactics can be developed in a shorter period of time when you have one message and one look for the practice. Time is money. On the one hand, consistency means you are paying your marketing agency less money for better output. On the other hand, consistency means that promotional efforts are spending less time in development and more time out to market working for you.
  4. It trims the fat. When the practice is consistent with its marketing efforts, it becomes all the easier to say “no” to those slick salespeople peddling the next great dental marketing approach. A simple, “No thanks, we already have a consistent plan in place” will do.
  5. It is more automated. Consistency means the marketing works for you while you work on the practice and the patients. Simply share your message and look with your marketing provider, and off they go. With that foundation in place, you will likely not have any surprises when you see the finished product. Plus, consistency allows you to budget one steady rate for your marketing month over month. This means you automatically draw in your ideal new patients while you’re focused on running the day-to-day operations of the practice.
  6. It removes the guesswork. With consistency in place, gone are the days of guessing about what your marketing should say or look like, what to invest in marketing or what will or won’t work to market the practice. You can rest easy knowing that your marketing is better than the competition’s by a long shot.
  7. It yields higher returns on investment. All of this said, consistency leads to more money in your pocket. Marketing should never be an expense; it should always be an investment that produces healthy returns.