A Better Way to Give

By December 16, 2008Blog

“Every Christmas season, enough holiday cards are sold to fill a ten-story football stadium,” reports Green Christmas. What a waste. Yet e-card brands fail to offer a truly personal, thoughtful alternative.

A revolutionary brand of greeting and giving has emerged: TisBest.

Here’s how it worked in our household… We typically give to charities at the year’s end anyways, so this year $500 of that fund went to these cards. (We have 50 people on our Christmas card list and the minimum for each gift card is $10.)

Sure it’s pricier than standard greeting cards, but as with any charity the full amount is tax deductible. Plus 100% of the gift card goes directly to the chosen charity. And with email delivery and online redemption there’s absolutely no waste.

Once our friends and family get the gift card, they log onto the site and give to the sponsored charity of their choice.

My inbox is now flooded with joyful messages. Here are just as few:

“I’m happy to forward my donation to the Paralyzed Veterans of America in honor of Ben’s brother, Seth, who will likely head out to Afghanistan in May after three trips to Iraq. He’s been fortunate, but many of his comrades have not. I hope this can support them in a tiny way. What a lovely idea!”

“I chose St. Jude’s since cancer has touched our lives in many ways, especially with my Dad. Hopefully someday soon there will be a cure. Merry Christmas and Happy 2009, dear friend!”

“Such a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for allowing us to give to the American Cancer Society, such a generous and thoughtful gift this time of year. Happy holidays!”

Does the magic of the holidays get any better than that?