A Note From Big Buzz President, Wendy Phillips

By October 3, 2012Blog

I have been working with Kim Eickhoff, M.S., M.B.A. of Creative Abundance, who has become our Virtual Business Manager. You should know her.

As a direct result of working with Kim, we have doubled our monthly recurring revenue and significantly improved our cash flow. More importantly, we are all DOING WHAT WE LOVE TO DO!

So here’s what Kim does: She is like the operational, financial brains of our business. She makes sure the company is running smoothly so that we can reach our collective and individual goals. She manages all of the things that bog down my staff and me – the things that are essential but that we entrepreneurs and creatives don’t do well or don’t like doing.

Here are just a few things that Kim does for us:

  • Takes on administrative and office management tasks in order to allow my staff and me to concentrate on what we do best
  • Handles all our bookkeeping needs with precision
  • Meets with me weekly to review cash flow projections and short-term and long-term plans for growth
  • Identifies exactly what we need to do to increase cash flow and profitability
  • Completes process mapping to show exactly who does what here, what roles are missing, who to hire, and how to create job efficiencies
  • Documents our profit margin by services, identifies areas for improvement and provides a plan to make those improvements

The key thing for me in hiring Kim was that she has her M.B.A., and that means she looks at our growing business like a corporation, guiding us to adopt the same best practices that big companies use for financial and operational success. She’s no bull.

She is less expensive than a full-time hire, and she provides so much more value than just the standard assistant would. Let me know if you’d like me to make an email introduction. (I don’t get any perks for referring her, I just love her.)

Contact Kim Eickhoff of Creative Abundance today at kim@creativeabundancebiz.com or by calling 720-323-4955.