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Our Story

The digital marketing landscape is in a constant state of flux and evolution.  At Big Buzz, we embraced a dynamic approach to dental marketing, adapting to change proactively with in-depth research, activity and progress.

Big Buzz, founded in 2007, provides marketing services to top dentists nationwide. Our process starts from scratch with real research based on one-on-one interviews with patients or clients to uncover the messaging, look and media that will best cause the target audience to act. Out of this, each organization’s individual fingerprint and marketing plan are uncovered and put to market.

Finally, the same full-service branding and marketing services that Fortune 100 corporations get with major agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Wieden & Kennedy are available to dental practices nationwide.

Based out of Denver, Big Buzz has made powerful marketing easy for dental practices all across Colorado, as well as throughout the country. With clients from Los Angeles to Raleigh, from San Francisco to Austin, we can power up your marketing no matter where you are located.

Years Serving Dentists
Across The Nation

Award winning, full-service dental marketing agency with over 50+ marketing tactics.

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What makes a practice stand out in a community? Why do some practices experience growth and peace-of-mind while others fret about organized dentistry and encroaching competitors?

What’s the best marketing strategy to take your practice to the next level? Is it possible to eke out the competition and emerge among the top-producing dentists in a given market?

Yes, it is possible. And Big Buzz has the answers.

Serving Dentists and Specialists Nationwide

Dental professionals know Big Buzz as one of the nation’s best dental marketing companies. After more than nine years serving the dental community, Big Buzz has consulted individually with more than a hundred different dental practices from across the country. Big Buzz has collected marketing data from hundreds of patients and dentists of private dental practices. Simply put, no one knows dental marketing like Big Buzz. The professional and passionate team knows what it takes to produce high quality, long-lasting marketing strategies specifically for dental practices. From the initial consultation to project completion, Big Buzz expertly guides dentists through their marketing strategy. With a clear focus on efficiencies and results, Big Buzz is the ultimate dental marketing solution.

Custom and Comprehensive Strategies

Big Buzz provides comprehensive marketing strategies that are custom-made for each dental practice. No one tells a dental practice’s story better than their happiest patients/referring doctors. With this philosophy in mind, Big Buzz’s expert process always starts with research, including surveying the practice’s patients/referring doctors and other key players. From that foundation, Big Buzz develops customized marketing recommendations and solutions that work to propel clients towards their goals. Big Buzz is adept at delivering more than 50 different marketing tactics–from website development to direct mail to SEO and beyond. More importantly, Big Buzz identifies and delivers only the handful of marketing tactics that is right for the practice right now. Objective data adds up to better results from marketing efforts.

What Dentists Are Saying

“Been great to work with, already seeing results in the first few months. My practice hasn't been this busy in a long time. I can't wait to see how the future unfolds!”

Loren Sites, DDS