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Below are several resources you can utilize to support your communities during this time.

The Six Main Takeaways from the Webinar

1. Dig deeper into your target audience to develop your target persona.

2. Keep these questions in mind when you are developing content:

  • What questions do they have for us?
  • What is their understanding of the current situation?
  • Are we speaking directly to their needs?
  • Are we using their language?
  • Is this helpful?

3. Content is insightful and educational, never promotional.

4. When oxytocin is released, it has the power to affect our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

5. A Big Important Goal (BIG) aligns the organization’s vision statement with its highest-level financial goal to serve as a collective compass for the team.

6. The Strategic Planning model is a working document that includes:

  • The Vision Statement is the “why”
  • Objectives are the destination
  • Strategies dictate the action
  • Goals indicate progress

Examples of Opportunities for Your Community

  • Refocus your team on your target persona and develop content topics
  • Review the content calendar to ensure it is still appropriate for our new world
  •  Emanate strength and stability by calling each prospect and referral source individually to check in
  • Develop an SOP for virtual tours of the community
  • Identify new ways to keep residents engaged (e.g., educational series, virtual vacations)
  • Interview residents or invite them to write a blog
  • Interview volunteers and team members to understand how your community has changed their lives
  • Encourage each team member to begin identifying their “why”
Please help us collect real-time data to support the senior living industry in this time of crisis. Answer a few brief questions now for an opportunity to get a free move-forward planning strategy session with us.

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Worksheets & Guides:

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