Beyond Page 1: What Truly Matters in SEO

By March 21, 2018Blog

There are so many SEO (search engine optimization) “facts” that circulate the internet that it can be hard to distinguish the hype from what truly matters. Dentists are constantly inundated with marketing offers and exposed to new trends concerning search engine optimization. It is easy to get caught up thinking that getting “on page one” is the end all and be all of SEO. Many of SEO facts, including that one, are actually not facts at all.

Here are a few SEO myths debunked:

SEO is one-and-done. Continuous SEO management is critical to achieving a successful online presence. Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly changing their algorithms. Your website, and each individual page, are in constant competition with millions of other dental websites. The content of your website should always be up-to-date and accurately reflect your dental practice, the services offered, your team, hours, etc.
Being one page one is all that matters. There are so many varying factors that impact the ranking of search results. Search results vary from person to person, depending on each individual’s search history, location, exact keywords, etc. Having high-quality, pertinent search results based on keywords is much more beneficial and important to the long-term success of your online presence than just being on page one for a seldom-searched term or two.
SEO is a quick fix. There are several “black hat” techniques, like keyword stuffing and use of duplicate content, that may appear to be quick fixes for high website rankings. These techniques are unsustainable and will likely be flagged by search engines. If Google or another search engine suspects these techniques, the website will very quickly be pushed to the bottom of search results, and getting back on Google’s “good side” can be a very long, nearly impossible process. It’s best to be sure that your provider is offering “white hat” SEO practices, such as content marketing and backlink strategies.
Social media doesn’t impact SEO. Consistent and engaging social media activity (posting regularly, gaining positive reviews, etc.) can greatly impact SEO. Social media activity increases your web presence, increasing the opportunity for potential patients to land on your practice’s online profiles over a competitor’s.

SEO myths are plentiful and should always be addressed by a trusted SEO expert. If you have specific questions regarding your online listings, rankings, content, or website in general, our search engine marketing expert would be happy to help. For more SEO expertise, download the complete SEO Guidebook today.