Big Buzz Brands Hires Office and Project Manager, Art and Media Director

Denver, CO – Big Buzz Brands recently hired two new employees, an Office and Project Manager and Art and Media Director. With the help of these individuals, Big Buzz Brands has been able to grow tremendously, serving more clients and increasing revenues.

Amy Iannone is now the Office and Project Manager at Big Buzz Brands and works to ensure proper business procedures, overseeing day-to-day activities as well as long-term client projects. She is not only in charge of planning and conducting in-office meetings, but is also responsible for contacting clients, answering questions, scheduling interviews, and gaining feedback on completed projects. She works to keep the entire team on task, with diligent updates, emails, and deadlines, making sure that the clients’ needs are always met on time, the right way.

Andrew Zareck now acts as the company’s Art and Media Director, handling everything from logo development and website design to online advertisement campaigns and search engine optimization strategy management. Andrew uses his creativity and technical skills to create meaningful images for companies, bringing the branding and marketing message produced by Big Buzz Brands full circle. He also manages website updates, pay-per-click campaigns, and the necessary SEO tools to get clients the results they’re looking for.

For additional information, please contact Amy Iannone at (720) 350-4484 or

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