Brand Loyalty is a Hell of a Thing.

By January 28, 2011Blog

Well, here’s an earth-shattering thought for you. What if there is no “best” product in a given category? What if there are a bunch of great products that people could all enjoy, but that, truly, the only thing that is setting them apart is their brand?

Recently, I was looking for a particular software solution. I talked to one expert, and I came away sure that ACT-Parallel-Windows-7 was the right way for me to go.

Then I had a chat with another IT guy, and he said Salesforce would be better for me than ACT-Parallel-Windows-7. Indeed, he found ACT “expensive, inflexible and old fashioned.” I came away sure that Salesforce would be better.

But, then I mentioned this to Alicia at People Biz, and she said, “No way – ACT is way better than Salesforce. Salesforce is too expensive.”

And I was confounded.

And I got to wondering if this is a Mac Guy vs. PC Girl thing. You know, like the way down-home guys get about Ford vs. Chevy. I wonder if they’re both great products, just suited to different audiences. I tell you, brand loyalty can be a hell of a thing.