Brand Yourself as well as St. Patrick

By March 17, 2009Blog

Google “St. Patrick” and you get a whopping 47 million unique hits on the famed Irish Catholic.

A colleague, Lynn Price, recently asked me why her Facebook page didn’t come up first when she Googled her name. It’s a valid question, given that a strong social media presence provides professional credibility.

A search on “Lynn Price” yields 24,800 hits – that’s a lot of noise around one person. Trouble is she shares a name with an author, an inspirational speaker and a research scientist among other folks. She’s lost in the mix. I recommended that she “rebrand” as “Lynn [Middle Name] Price” on her Facebook and Linked In accounts and any other editable online forums.

Another co-worker, Chris Ferone, enjoys more notoriety online. A Google search reveals his Facebook and Linked In accounts first because his name is unique. By some stroke of fate, he’s naturally well branded. A Google search shows just 1,140 hits for “Chris Ferone” since there aren’t many people in the world sharing his name.

Google my full name “Wendy O’Donovan Phillips” and you get just 112 hits – I’m the only one in the world. Thank the saints for my Irish maiden name.

Bottom line: the more unique your name, the more original your hits.