Bring Passion Back to Your Practice and Your Life

Do you wake up and feel the weight of the day you’re about to have? The weight of the day before? Does each day drag on, yet the weeks fly by? Are you or your team feeling stagnant in your roles?

The passion and initial spark that drove you into the dental industry are still there and deserve to be reignited. Reenergize your work, your team, and your life, so that each and every day can unveil a new adventure, excitement, and learning opportunity. Below are three tips to help you get off the treadmill of your day-to-day sameness to revive your special spark.

1. Take Back Your Excitement
Remember your first day of school, the day you opened your practice, or the start of your most recent vacation – what were you most excited about? What are you lacking today? Are you missing the challenge of doing something new? Is there less opportunity, less growth? Manifest that feeling you’re lacking, and focus on that excitement.

2. Learn, Learn, and Learn Some More
The brain thrives on education, knowledge and learning. By constantly learning and challenging yourself (and your team) you are able to exercise your brain, practice critical thinking, deploy your leadership skills, and constantly improve yourself both personally and professionally. It doesn’t have to be something overly complicated; learn how to utilize shortcuts on your computer, take a new way to work, or practice long division with your children. Watch excitement return to your life by continually learning.

3. Use Your Practice to Live Out Your Ideal Lifestyle
If you really want to make a difference in your practice, consider attending the Get Off The Treadmill Summit, featuring Chuck Blakeman and Craig Spodak, DMD, in Dallas March 31 and April 1.

This event will help you and your team make more money in less time, smile more often, and get your brains back. Having your own practice doesn’t need to consume your life. This unique learning experience will revolutionize everything you know about success as a practice owner. In this two-day seminar, you will learn how to:
– Evolve your already thriving practice into a time and money producer
– Reignite your passion for dentistry
– Increase revenue, reduce expenses, and attract the best talent
– Build an environment where everyone is held accountable and is working toward unified goals
– Develop and evolve your network and community within the dental industry

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