Bring Your Brand Directly to Buyers

By August 22, 2008Blog

Rather than indirectly courting customers with traditional marketing tactics, get right in front of them with your brand. Here are three ways to bring your brand to life in front of your audience:

Get on the bus. Utopia, a municipal organization bringing fiber to homes and businesses in Utah, isn’t waiting for subscribers to come to them; instead, the Utopia Express is on the way to sign customers right in their hometowns ( The branded bus will be filled with hands-on demos to show why fiber is better than cable – and just how fast, clear and spectacular internet, HDTV and phone can respectively be. Their model follows that of Microsoft Across America:

Take them to the cinema. Kleenex’s Let It Out: The Movie made its debut last week in select theaters in front of handpicked audiences ( The tissue powerhouse teamed with CineMeetings & Events to showcase their brand on dozens of silver screens in top markets across the nation – all in front of distributors that were invited to the private, red-carpet affair. Create buzz among customers, employees or affiliates with your own branded in-cinema event:

Make a public spectacle. Every Saturday there are young men traipsing around my neighborhood’s town center clad in little more than their boxer shorts – and I don’t live anywhere near a fraternity. No, each of these guys is hired by Denver Water to spread conservation awareness by wearing just a “Use Only What You Need” sandwich board and underwear. Now that’s a clever and memorable way to get a message in front of consumers. Learn more about this unconventional, savvy campaign at