Checklist: When to Redesign your Dental Website

A dental practice website is like a car. It can be maintained and updated for a period of time, but eventually it is more economical and practical to replace it.

How will you know when to redesign your website?

It’s time for a do-over when:

  • Update expense is too high. Run your profit and loss and gauge how much you spent in the last 36-month period on website updates and maintenance. If you’re paying more than an average of $200 per month to have your old website updated with routine maintenance, it makes more sense to simply invest in a new, lower maintenance website. The average dental practice website runs about $5,000, and most are redeveloped every three years. That breaks down to $138.88 per month.
  • Images and content are outdated. Go page by page through your website and ask yourself, about what percentage of the photos are crisp, professional and relevant? Roughly what percentage of text or content is up-to-date and helpful in guiding the patient into your door? If it’s less than 60% in either case, it’s probably time to just start fresh.
  • Links are broken. Again, navigate page by page through the website. This time, click on every link that appears on your website. About what percentage of links are working, or leading to the appropriate page? If the answer is less than 60%, a do-over is best.
  • Contact forms need updating. One last time, scroll through the entire website. Is there a contact form on every page? Fill each one out and hit submit. Did you receive all of the information that you need to make a new patient appointment, and was the information sent to the appropriate inbox? If the answer to either of these questions is no, then a new website will help. And the cherry on top: Is there a place on the website that the patient can schedule an appointment on their own? This is particularly important for practices that wish to have or have a good number of Millennial generation patients, as they are very unlikely to call or email for an appointment.
  • Loading time is slow. Type your website address in here to test its loading time. If it reports that your website loads slower than most, then it’s time for a new website. The website has about 3 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention, and about 15 seconds to give them the information they seek. Your potential patients aren’t going to wait for a slow-loading website to find what they want; they’ll just pop over to your competitor’s website.
  • Website was created without SEO best practices. Has your website had SEO updates in the last year? Is it less than 3 years old? If you answered no to either of these questions, it’s likely best to redevelop the website. Be extra sure by typing your website address in here to see your domain authority. A domain authority under 15 likely needs SEO updates, which may further warrant a new website.
  • It’s not mobile friendly or responsive. Pull up your website on a desktop computer. Grab the lower right corner and pull it upward and to the right. Does the website resize itself to fit the smaller screen size? Now, pull up your website on a cell phone. Can you see navigation and contact information without having to resize or scroll the screen? If you answered no, it’s imperative that you have your website redesigned to be mobile friendly or responsive, like this one. In the average dental practice, 50% of patients search on their mobile devices for your services. If your website does not populate correctly on these mobile devices, up to half of your new patient inquiries may be vanishing. For added assurance, type your website address in here to instantly get a mobile-friendly test.
  • You get very few to no new patients from the website. If they’re not already, have your front office ask every patient for a month how they found you. If less than 10% came from your website, the old website is not doing its job. The new practice website should be an engaging tool that invites patients into the practice and makes it easy for them to make an appointment.

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