Our Typical Client

Many of our clients have been named Top Dentist in their city magazine.

Several more are members of the Seattle Study Club. Almost all of them are committed to life-long learning and improvement of their practice and profession.

Some serve on the executive board of their respective state association or the ADA. Many are hitting annual production of $1-1.5 million. A little more than half are two-doctor dental practices.

Our clients are often deeply unsatisfied with the status quo. Many are (or are on their way to being) the top-grossing dentists in their market.

Some are fee-for-service. In keeping with the teachings of the Pankey Institute, almost all of them are more interested in quality patients than a high quantity of patients.

Most of our clients invested at least $30,000 annually in marketing before they came to Big Buzz. They see marketing as an investment in their practice, not an expense. They get marketing, and they love the gratification of the success that marketing brings to their practice.

These are the types of top dentists that get the most out of Big Buzz as a dentist marketing agency.

Things that Keep Our Clients Up at Night

  • How to run the best damn practice in town and be profitable
  • How to attract high quality, life-time patients rather than a large quantity of average patients
  • Investing in marketing rather than wasting marketing dollars
  • Having to manage all of the marketing with everything else on their plate
  • Having to train their staff on marketing practices when it’s not their expertise
  • Fielding calls/visits/emails from marketing salespeople
  • Educating current patients on why not to leave in favor of corporate dental practices

Interested in working with us?

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