Common Mistakes Brands Make on Twitter

By October 22, 2012Blog

While Twitter can be a fast and effective way to reach one’s target audience, many companies seem to fall into the same old irritating habits. So please, listen closely and steer clear of these dreadful mistakes. As covered by’s “8 Annoying Things Brands do on Twitter” article, be careful to avoid hashtag abuse. Remember to keep it simple yet relative, creative yet consistent. Do not tweet completely irrelevant information or bothersome pitches. They seem too invasive and “salesy.” Don’t ask people to retweet you, don’t offer empty engagements such as “Free ipad!!!!” and don’t completely ignore unfavorable tweets. People WILL disregard or unfollow you if you become an overbearing money-hungry corporate monster. It is crucial to have personality and humor in the Twitter world and any other social media platform that acts as a marketing and customer relations tool for your company.

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