Creating a Brand that’s Uniquely You

On a recent trip Paris, our Client Services Lead, Molly, spotted a familiar brand while roaming the streets. Are you thinking you see Dolce & Gabana? No, that’s not a translation error. That sign says “Dolci & Gelati.” While perhaps equally indulgent, the store was in fact selling sweet treats, not luxury clothing. While the two companies have little in common, looking that similar to another brand can really confuse customers. The lesson here? Make your brand uniquely you.

How? Ask the people. We say it time and time again here at Big Buzz. Nobody knows your brand like your happiest patients or clients. Instead of taking what’s worked for another practice or company, go out and ask what makes you so special! Ask them what makes you different from competitors, what you are doing best, and what their deciding factor in selecting to work with you was. You’ll be amazed by what they say.

What next? Take those responses and create a message and look that’s 100% you. With those two pieces, you can ensure that everything you produce for marketing moving forward matches and communicates one consistent and strong story.

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