Creating “Buzz” for Your Event with Social Media

By January 2, 2013Blog

Planning and promoting an event has gotten a lot easier thanks to social media. Whether you’re planning a concert, conference, fashion show or even a birthday party (cough cough), social media will be your new best friend when you want to get the word out.

Registering your event with sites like Eventbrite, allows guests who RSVP to share their response with their Facebook and Twitter followers. If your event doesn’t need a third-party site, create Facebook and Twitter posts including a call-to-action asking if followers are attending your event.

Are you ordering a cake? Getting balloons? Catering? Bring your followers along on your event-planning journey! Check-in on Facebook at your local bakery or supermarket where you’re getting your cake to let people know what businesses your company likes to work with. Chances are your followers trust your opinion and will take your advice on where to go.

On Facebook, post:

“Getting the cake for our 5th Birthday Party!” – at King Soopers.

Take a picture of the box but not the cake; creating suspense even on something that is seemingly small can create engagement.

For Twitter and Facebook, create a designated hashtag for your event. Using a hashtag gives your event a common theme and an easily trackable thread throughout your social media efforts. Ours is #BigBuzzTurns5, by the way.

This tactic has proven effective for chefs and restaurant managers who tweet about their restaurant’s opening process. From getting wooden floors installed, to getting a wood-fire oven shipped from Italy, customers like to see the inside operations of a business and how it all comes together. (*Not sure if this paragraph is needed but it adds another example.)

A designated hashtag also invites others to post about your event. It gives guests a little extra incentive to take a photo at or post about your event, and also lets your company be linked to what guests are saying. Leading up to your event, you can put the hashtag on your invite and in any follow-up e-mails to ensure guests know there is one.

Not sure how to structure your event? Send out a survey (our Client Services Lead, Molly, LOVES them). Use a site like Survey Monkey to ask prospective guests questions like, “What topics do you want to see covered at the conference?” or even, “What is your favorite cake flavor?” Crowdsourcing information from guests is a surefire way to have a successful event.

And finally, do an after-action report. So many events lack on sharing information after they have taken place. Post pictures, videos, new information and ideas that were shared from the event, and most importantly, ask for feedback from your guests!

Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to have a “buzz-worthy” event.

Big Buzz Brands is hosting its 5th Birthday Party this week and we can’t wait to show our guests what we have been planning!