Design Showcase: PetroManus Logo Development

A brand’s identity is fundamentally tied to its logo. Whenever we’re asked to develop a logo, we take this responsibility very seriously, and put a great deal of thought into the work.

I thought it’d be fun to show you one of our latest logo development processes, to give you a window in the thought and work that goes into this kind of project.

Options 1 and 2

We wanted to represent stability and expertise with these logos, as these are both core values of PetroManus. In order to accomplish this, we utilized stacked lettering and grey coloring.

Option 3

With this logo, we used a unique mark that is strong – signifying their longevity and precision. This logo also shows a bit more personality.

Option 4

Using the spherical shape shows how PetroManus has offered expertise all over the world while remaining eco-friendly.

Option 5

By adding the green p, we’ve created an abstract way of tying in the brand with a simplistic mark. The font shows stability and longevity while the p gives an abstract touch of how you give back to the community.

The client was very pleased with the options, and ultimately went with Option 4.