Jump Off The High Dive

Two days ago, I heaved a 100-pound bag of dental equipment and my own duffle to the airport for my flight to Africa. As you read this, I am settling into a small village in Nairobi.

I boarded alone. I flew alone. I arrived alone in good hands, with my mission group. Yet I knew no one.

It’s like jumping off the high dive.

Ten years ago, I embarked on a very similar journey: I started my own marketing firm. With no idea how to hire great people, no clue how to understand business financials, no inkling of how to run let alone grow a company, I dove right in.

When I told my husband I had decided to be an entrepreneur, it was like jumping off the high dive. And now that the agency is thriving, we laugh that I may have stronger job security than he ever did working for “the man.”

When I emptied my feeble checking account back in 2007 to pay for my first marketing efforts, it was like jumping off the high dive. And the friends who helped me get it off the ground back them still surround me these days, always cheering me on.

When I made my first job offer to a teammate back in 2009, it was like jumping off the high dive. And he’s still with my team today, producing amazing design for our clients every day.
When I had to make the very difficult decision to downsize back in 2012, I was despondent; the high dive was just awful. It all seemed so unfair after everyone’s hard work. And yet, the team members I had to let go continue to bloom elsewhere in their careers, are always in my heart and are ever a treasured part of the fabric of our history.

When, with the help of my father, I published my first book in 2015, it was like jumping off the high dive. And today, it is on Amazon’s top 100 list for books in its category.
When I made the decision to exponentially grow the firm in 2016, to help clients across the nation grow their own practices and businesses and fulfill their life dreams like I had, it was like jumping off the high dive. And yet they continue to flock to us for education, advice and service.
I am so grateful.

Jumping off the high dive over and over in my business has tried my faith in ways that nothing else in my life ever has, parenthood included.

And yet, more often then not, my dive is met with cool, calm water, with buoyancy and with a great sense of freedom. It’s almost never a swan dive and the water below is certainly never perfect, but this I know for sure: God’s got me. I am safe. I am whole. And all I have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and making the next right choice.

And so, in celebration of 10 years in business, I am going off the high dive. I am traveling halfway around the world on a mission trip to provide free dental care to children in Kenya. I will also meet the beautiful and smart 7-year-old Parishina, who my family and I have sponsored for about 4 years.

I rose from my desk and left the spot where I now have grown to be most comfortable: at the helm of my agency. For the next few weeks, I will have no contact with my beloved team, whom I love without measure. I will entrust to them everything we have built together, and with good faith – they are now better at running this place than perhaps I ever was. I went home, finished packing, squeezed my family tight and said good night. The next day, I left.

I feel little again, like a tiny girl at the end of the diving board. I am humbled by all of the love and support I’ve been shown throughout my journey with my agency and up to today, the day before I dive. Again.

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