Don’t Get Distracted by the Yoyo

By January 26, 2016Blog

Did you know that your website is your #1 most powerful patient acquisition tool?

Did you know that 50% of patients use their smartphones to learn about your practice?

Did you know that more than 75% of patients prefer to be contacted by email?

Imagine a marketing plan that makes the most of these tactics and more to attract a steady stream of your ideal patients.

It’s only possible if you’re invested in marketing.

Here is a common analogy in the financial investment world, that’s relevant here, too… Picture a boy riding an escalator while playing with a yoyo. The yoyo represents the daily ups and downs of the stock market, while the escalator, or the long-term historical trend of the stock market, is always climbing higher.

You have more to lose by not investing.

Your mobile website may have attracted 353 new visitors last month and only 249 this month, and yet that’s still 602 more eyes on your practice than without a mobile website. Maybe only 11 of those website visitors converted to patients last month and 8 became patients this month; that’s still 19 more patients than you would have seen without online marketing. Your email campaign may have yielded 4 new patient referrals last month and only 1 this month, but that’s still 5 more new patients than you would have attracted without the campaign.

These two tactics alone earned one of our clients 24 new patients over a 2-month period that he simply wouldn’t have seen if he wasn’t invested in marketing. And those two tactics constitute just a fraction of his full marketing plan. With his Total Marketing plan, he saw a sum of 59 new patients over that same period. That’s more than $30,000 in extra production dollars earned in just two months!

Avoid getting distracted by the yoyo. Focus on the escalator.

Invest in your practice today.

Source: 10 Surprising Digital Marketing Statistics for Dentists