Don’t Lose Sales!

By December 6, 2011Blog

Wondering why your online retail store isn’t performing? Is it due to lack of traffic? Is it because you don’t have the right products? Maybe. But more likely it’s because of your website’s information content, ease of use and functionality.

Erica Swallow has identified the top ten reasons why online visitors aren’t converting into online customers.

Of course, price is a big one. Offer your customers deals and discounts to stay competitive with other players in the market.

More importantly, you need to have clear descriptions of your products. Visitors can’t touch your products or ask a sales associate for details so make sure all that information is available to them. And not just information, but pictures! If you expect people to buy your products without feeling them, they should at least be able to see them. Have high-quality photos with zoom capabilities so that visitors can see every detail that makes your product special and different from all the rest.

Learn more about what’s influencing your visitors’ buying process. Whether it be website speed or navigation, it’s important to determine what’s deterring potential online customers and how to fix it.

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