Engage Customers with an Authentic Tone

Who would you want to do business with? The guy who tells you, “We offer a high quality, cost effective product – all with great customer service – and it can be yours today!” Or the gal that says, “Look, there are three reasons why our MP3 players are better and less costly than the one you’re listening to right now. I will personally take the time show you exactly how when you have a sec. What time works for you?”

Folks respond to people and personalities, not sales pitches. Great salespeople don’t speak like the guy in our example anymore because it’s just not effective. An authentic, conversational tone is so much easier to hear and befriend.

Why then do so many business still use that type of stilted language on websites, brochures – even in everyday email correspondence? Every time your ideal customer reads something you send, it’s as though you are speaking directly to them. Be sure that writings about your company reflect the same relaxed tone you would use when you speak to your customer. When you make the tone more authentic and conversational, the message becomes clearer and more meaningful – and the reader feels far more engaged.

Have a close look at the language that all of your marketing materials convey. How can you make your business more approachable?