Facebook Success Story: Edward Zuckerberg DDS, FAGD

You may have read reviews or seen the blockbuster movie “The Social Network,” but for those of you who haven’t, the movie outlines the story of Mark Zuckerberg and his path to creating Facebook. Today we introduce you to Mark’s father Edward Zuckerberg, a suburban dentist that has utilized his son’s creation to attract over 2,000 followers and a patient base over 3,000. Dr. Zuckerberg states, “Social media is the perfect way to get all the great things you do out there. You can be doing amazing work, but for patients who aren’t getting a crown or inlay, the only way they might get this message is through a fan page on Facebook and the related blurbs, status updates and photos. It may take that ordinary patient who came to you for convenience and thinks you’re a regular dentist, and help reinforce their decision to choose you, even if he or she doesn’t use all your services. At this point, there is tremendous future potential for social media to help dentists with external marketing.”

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Check out Zuckerberg’s Facebook page here!