How to Find The Absolute Right Marketing Partner

By March 30, 2016Blog

In over nine years serving dental practices, they all have one thing in common by the time they call us: they are on a relentless quest to find the absolute right marketing partner.

How do you do that?

Look within. The absolute right marketing partner for your dental practice is you.

Certainly, you can outsource the work and get great results – but only when you take a part in your own marketing success. Our most productive and profitable clients are those who:

  1. See us as a true partner, never just a vendor. A partner is someone who works alongside you, who contributes to your success and who works towards a common goal. A partner is in the trenches with you through thick and thin, and works tirelessly to help you achieve your practice vision.
  2. See us as true marketing experts. Our most successful clients run all marketing questions past us. They listen to our guidance and take action around our suggestions. They challenge us when we need to be challenged, and allow us to do the same for them. They pass the marketing baton to us with total confidence that our strategies will serve them well.
  3. Give us room. Our most satisfied clients are those who commit to giving us space and time to do our best work. They resist the temptation to design or write their own marketing. They give clear, concise feedback on projects, which allows us to keep their marketing moving and patients flowing into their doors.
  4. Trust us as their single marketing source. Those clients who see the best results from marketing are the ones who entrust all their marketing needs to one expert source. Divvying up marketing efforts across various partners opens the door for lower quality assurance, inefficiencies in getting promotions to market, higher overall marketing costs and difficulty measuring results with any real consistency.
  5. See marketing as an investment. Our top-producing dental practices have a good understanding of marketing and see it as a lifelong investment in the practice, never as an expense.
  6. Know their numbers. The most successful practices set achievable goals and maintain a reasonable marketing budget. They know their production numbers, patient numbers and can quantify what they wish to achieve. For example, “I want to increase production from $950,000 last year to $1.1 million this year.” Or, “I’m seeing 20 new patients per month now, and would like to see more like 40.”
  7. Are committed to excellent communication. The dental practices that truly thrive are the ones that communicate regularly with their marketing partner, responding quickly and thoroughly to requests and providing timely feedback. Only with regular input from you can your marketing partner ace the patient attraction game.

Regardless of whether you select us or another firm, your marketing success begins with you.