Five Steps to Starting a Blog

By September 5, 2008Blog

A corporate blog increases web traffic, puts a human face to business, demonstrates expertise, engages customers, builds newsletter content – the list goes on. Set up and keep up a blog in five simple steps:

1) Set up your “spot.” This will take about a half hour. Follow the super-simple instructions on Plenty of other sites can walk you through this process and instantly host your blog, but I have found this one easiest to navigate and update.

2) Read and learn. Have your business pals send you links to their favorite blogs. (My top blogs are and Have a close look at several different types for tone, length and subject. Interesting blogs are brief and relevant.

3) Collect ideas. Read the news and google terms relevant to your business. Even better – plug those terms into Google News to find current events that apply to your customers. Keep your eye on buzzwords, complaints, great ideas, new trends. File away topics that are important to your audience.

4) Get to writing. Make your first posting. Set aside a half hour every other week to peruse your arsenal of ideas and write more blog entries. The timeframe will help you keep momentum, prevent burnout and stay brief. Alternatively, hire out the writing.

5) Let them read. Have your web developer add a link to your blog on your corporate website. Blast bi-weekly blog entries out to your email database through, which even offers a free 60-day trial. Engage your marketing guru to research and execute more advanced ways to drive traffic.