Five Things You Can Do to Improve Your Brand Today

By February 19, 2008Blog

Does your brand need a pick-me-up? Here’s five things you can do to improve your brand today.

1) Smile every time you interact. That goes for your staff, too. Smile among each other, in front of customers, with prospects – anytime you’re in the public eye. Max Kalehoff, Vice President of Marketing for Clickable, named JetBlue, Flickr and Google “smiling brands” in his recent blog posting at He cites traits such as acceptance, confidence, accessibility, attractiveness and happiness that these brands exude as a result of smiling.

2) Create a standard email signature and phone greeting. Consistency shows that you are stable, reliable and responsible. And it begins to demonstrate that you know who you are in the marketplace.

3) Initiate a real conversation with a prospect. Consumers demand authenticity. We all need to be reminded of it – a friend subtly gave me a wake-up call that the last group email I sent was a bit form-letter-esque. I was reminded of the old adage: more about you, less about me.

4) List five major benefits that your company offers. Real benefits – “service” or “leader in the industry” doesn’t count. Toys “R” Us offers childhood fun. Google offers limitless answers. FedEx offers fast delivery. What do you offer that makes your customers’ lives better?

5) Ask five clients to describe what your company does that no one else can do. If you aren’t doing something wildly – and I mean wildly – different than all the other companies out there, then you’re not getting noticed, period. If the five answers you get are inconsistent, or if you get just one “I don’t know”, it’s time to hire an outsider to help re-energize your public face. If the answers are consistent and positive, ask yourself how you can strengthen that image.