Forbes Agency Council: “12 Excellent Team-Building Activities For The Summer,” featuring Wendy O’Donovan Phillips

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With the fast pace of the ad industry, it can be challenging to schedule time for agency bonding experiences. However, research has shown that companies that invest in team-building activities tend to have more cohesive personnel that work better on group projects.

In this industry, teamwork is not a suggestion. It’s a requirement. For an agency to properly harness its staff’s creativity, team members must learn to trust and depend on each other. What better time to encourage this bonding than over the summer? These 12 professionals from Forbes Agency Council suggest potential team-building exercises that are ideal for agencies to promote more teamwork among its employees, even during the current pandemic.

Read the full article to learn more about exciting team-building activities featuring Big Buzz CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips here.

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