You understand that marketing is important and you’re eager to get going. But where do you start?

For the past nine years, Big Buzz has offered this proprietary marketing strategy as a full-service offering to dentists across the nation for $5,800 to $10,000. Now, it is available as an easy-to-follow, affordable DIY package guided by the dental marketing experts at Big Buzz.

The goal of our DIY Marketing Program is to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to strategically market your practice to attract the ideal patients on a regular basis.

What’s first?

The first step is to survey your happiest patients. Ask what they think about the practice and how they consume marketing. An emailed survey looks simple to the patient, yet it provides immense insight into the practice.

Why survey?

When you survey patients, you get timely, relevant and actionable feedback. You learn precisely what they love most about the practice, and it’s typically not the things that come to mind first. It’s not technology. It’s not philosophy. It’s not even credentials. The thing they love best is that you made life better.

When surveyed correctly, patients light up and share animated stories. This is the gold that really sells your practice to new patients.

The surveys also reveal what media patients use to “shop” for a new dentist. This is important to know so that you invest time and money only on the marketing tactics that will help the practice now. It eliminates, once and for all, trial-and-error marketing, which is costly and time consuming.

If you discover that your favorite patients and the people they know aren’t following Facebook, then don’t invest there. But if every family reads the neighborhood newspaper cover-to-cover, run a print ad there. If 70% of patients pay attention to direct mail, advertise there.

It’s that simple, and it’s wildly effective.

What comes after the surveys?

The surveys allow you to build the foundation for your robust marketing efforts. Specifically, you will create three tools, which the experts at Big Buzz use for every dental practice (and you will use for your practice!) to ensure accuracy and efficiency in all marketing efforts:

  1. Brand messaging: This demonstrates the way that your practice marketing materials should read and speak as shown by the survey results. It removes the guesswork from writing all future marketing materials, and ensures that every marketing effort will emanate a message that truly resonates with your potential patients. Big Buzz will provide all the knowledge you will need to craft just the right message from your survey results.
  2. Mood board: If the brand messaging is how your brand will speak, then the mood board is how it will look and feel. With Big Buzz’s expert guidance, you will create a mood board that matches your brand messaging and is based on survey results, which adds up to the ultimate in consistency for future marketing materials. When you paper the world with marketing materials that show this version of your practice, you emerge distinctive and memorable in the community.
  3. Marketing plan: There are essentially 50 different marketing tactics that a dental practice could deploy, yet only a handful of those is right for the practice at any given time. Big Buzz will detail for you exactly how to determine and document which dental marketing tactics are right for you right now, as shown by the survey results. Following this strategic marketing plan means you will get the biggest bang out of every single marketing buck.

What’s included in DIY Marketing?

  • A custom survey link to send to your patients with questions expertly crafted to get to the root of your practice’s brand and marketing strategy.
  • Video instructions and written tools detailing how to analyze your survey data and accurately document your brand messaging.
  • Video instructions and written tools on how to create your custom mood board.
  • Video instructions and written tools on how to develop your strategic marketing plan.
  • Expert review of your materials. Once you finish building your marketing foundation, the dental marketing gurus at Big Buzz will review everything your created to ensure differentiation from competitors, compelling messaging and look/feel for your target audience, accuracy in your marketing plan and overall effectiveness of your efforts. Suggestions and feedback will be offered to fine-tune your marketing foundation.
  • Up to 5 hours of phone support to answer any questions that might come up as you develop your marketing foundation.
  • An additional 1-hour phone workshop with a Big Buzz expert to polish your strategic marketing plan.
  • A detailed report showing how best to deploy your strategic marketing plan.

How will I deploy the actual marketing tactics?

There are two ways to deploy your marketing plan: DIY and Full-Service Deployment.

DIY Deployment

If you and your team would like to handle the deployment of the marketing plan on your own, Big Buzz offers several additional DIY Deployment offerings at an additional, nominal fee that allow you to do just that. These DIY Deployment include:

  • DIY Basic Website Development
  • DIY Making the Doctor’s Vision a Reality
  • DIY Attracting More Patient Referrals (For general dentists)
  • DIY Attracting More Dentist Referrals (For specialists)
  • DIY Improving Phone Skills
  • DIY Social Media Strategies
  • DIY Search Engine Optimization
  • DIY Internal Marketing Strategies
  • DIY Tracking Your Marketing Success

Each of these programs includes the same level of support and guidance that is included in the initial DIY Marketing offering. You and your team will become marketing experts in no time, and droves of ideal patients will be coming in your door.

Interested in skipping straight to one of these DIY offerings without doing the DIY Marketing survey and foundation process? Absolutely! While we see clients have better results when they start with the DIY Marketing survey and foundation process, it is indeed possible to start with one of these as well. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will get in touch with details.

Full-Service Deployment

Deployment of some marketing tactics is better left to the experts. If any of the following marketing tactics appear on your marketing plan, you will receive a complimentary, no-obligation estimate of what it would take for the experts at Big Buzz to deliver, measure, report and optimize those tactics for you. The Full-Service Deployment offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Website Development
  • Custom Logo Development
  • Online Advertising (Google AdWords, Yelp Advertising, Facebook Advertising, etc.)
  • Direct Mail
  • TV/Radio Advertising

Big Buzz will work with you to integrate the right mix of DIY Deployment and Full-Service Deployment that will help you reach your new patient and production goals.


Your DIY Marketing will be completed on your own time, on your own terms. Consultation and workshops can be completed via email, phone or our conference line. If you would like for us to come to your location, we can include that in the scope of work.


From kickoff call to completion, developing your DIY Marketing Program should take about 4-6 weeks.


Tools and instructions included in the DIY Marketing Program will be delivered within 48 business hours of payment being received.

Implementation Guidance

Included in theDIY Marketing Program is up to expert review of your brand messaging and mood board, a 2-hour workshop of your marketing plan and up to 3 hours of flex time/support.


The DIY Marketing Program starts at $1995.


For more information, you may want to reference our FAQ section.

Terms of Sales

Does this sound like the perfect program for your practice?

 It get’s better!

Our DIY Marketing Program, including everything you need for the survey and foundation process, starts at a one-time, flat investment of only $1,995! Get everything you need to set yourself on the path towards marketing success easily, at your own pace, and by your own rules.

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