Get Your Team on Board with Your Vision

You didn’t get into dentistry to be average or just the same as the rest. Somewhere along the line, you established a strong, clear, and amazing vision for your practice and imagined the impact you wanted your dental care to have on your patients. In order to bring that vision to fruition, you need to have a driven, inspired, and equally amazing team backing you. Even more so, that team needs to be on board with your vision for your practice and your business.

A dedicated and hard-working employee can remain dedicated and hard-working without even being aware of your vision. In most cases, though, their dedication and hard work may be intrinsic. The first step, of course, is sharing your vision with your team. Beyond just reciting it, explain to them the reason behind the vision, how you came to it, and why it matters.

The next step is ensuring that each employee’s head and heart is connected to the business, the goals, and the vision. Show them how they have skin in the game – how they’ll benefit and advance both professionally and personally when the vision is achieved.

Further, people feel more fulfilled when they know the work they are doing is impactful. Working in the dental industry, this may seem obvious at times, but by keeping it top-of-mind and a main point of conversation, it will remain much more front and center. The work that you and your team do is changing lives; celebrate the successes, how you’ve impacted a patient’s life for the better, and how everything you do adds value to their lives.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, always be listening. By establishing a culture of listening and understanding, communication will evolve and trust will naturally develop. All of the aforementioned traits allow for a positive working environment, which naturally fosters growth, unity, and success. Allow your employees to come to you with questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. This reciprocal relationship is exactly what you need to build, maintain, and achieve a unified vision for your practice.