Google Update Part 2: Now What? Why You Should Keep Running Ads

Last week’s blog post explored Google’s newest update, which is the removal of the sidebar feature of paid ads. While there are no more sidebar ads, an extra top ad position will be added. This is an extra opportunity for your practice to be shown at the very top of the page.

Even with that addition, you may be wondering what your next step should be. Many clients have asked…

“Should I stop Google Adwords?”

“How can I ensure my ads are worth my money?”

 This update does not mean you should not stop running Google Adwords. Your budget still works the same way, as you are still investing in clicks that represent patients entering and working their way down your practice funnel and into your door. A slight increase in your AdWords budget may even give you an advantage over competing practices that are uninformed of the change and not optimizing their ads accordingly. This will help to increase your bids for the most valuable keywords.

Here’s an example: a competitive market left one of our clients unable to compete for general keywords related to their city and specialty. We adapted and targeted neighborhoods, which resulted in a 230% increase in click-through-rate, an 80% decrease in cost-per-click, and several #1 rankings on Google.

With all this said, if you choose not to invest in Google AdWords, you should consider investing in SEO services as a long-term solution.

To ensure that your online ad budget is being used wisely, find an agency that has specific dental online marketing experience.