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With strict rules and regulations, rapid technological changes and a growing competitor landscape, marketing for the healthcare technology industry can be a challenge. That’s where Big Buzz comes in.
We are an expert healthcare marketing agency, capable of deploying over 50 marketing strategies and tactics to optimize results for those in the field of health technology.

Healthcare technology has far more to do with care of the humans it serves than the technology itself. From that perspective, Big Buzz works with healthcare technology executives and their teams to research, strategize and execute optimal growth plans, maximizing competitive edge and returns.

Crafting a company’s brand and competitive advantage is step one in successfully conquering bioscience marketing. At Big Buzz, the start of any fruitful marketing plan begins with research wherein we create a custom toolkit of marketing resources specifically crafted to gain a competitive edge. Big Buzz then establishes true north metrics to guide the strategic development of all marketing initiatives, ensuring they effectively work to reach the company’s goals.

With over 11 years of experience in branding and marketing in the healthcare industry, Big Buzz is primed to position your bioscience product or company in a way that truly differentiates it and increases sales.

For example, Piezosurgery Incorporated came to Big Buzz to revitalize its brand. Big Buzz completed market research, surveying medical device users and internal staff and analyzing data to create a brand foundation for the company. Using voice-of-the-customer data, Big Buzz developed brand messaging and a mood board for that truly resonated with the target audience and captured the founder’s vision. From the quantitative data gathered in the research phase, Big Buzz developed a strategic marketing plan to demonstrate which marketing tactics would be most influential among potential medical device users, truly differentiating the device among a sea of competitors.

Case Study: Revitalizing Piezosurgery Incorporated.  How Big Buzz Infused Life Into a Complex Medical Device Brand
Dental Machine
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