Hello Kitty: the brand with 9 lives

By August 31, 2011Blog

Product extensions can be a great way to reach a broader audience and increase revenue. But what happens when your new offerings don’t match your old brand? Either you hit and miss, or you hit a grand slam. A few fails: Cheetos lip balm (ew!), a line of yogurts from the racy read Cosmopolitan, and Kanye West’s attempt at a travel website.

But enough with the brand bombs. There’s one brand that’s hit a homerun, giving everything under the sun a red bow and some whiskers.

Hello Kitty.

What other brand can successfully encompass jewelry, clothing, toasters, luggage, bedding, telephones, backpacks, planners, slippers, fans, coffee makers, guitars, laptops, airplanes, sewing machines and not to mention beer into its product line? The Hello Kitty brand includes products ranging from rifles and toilet paper to sausages and contact lenses. And if you’ve eaten too much Hello Kitty candy, you can even get a Hello Kitty tooth cap.

The brand looks to have no end, but when is enough, enough? We can only wait in anticipation until the day they start making kitty litter lip balm or Hello Kitty heart monitors.