How Fit Is Your Brand?

Get a sense for your brand fitness by rating the following statements 1 through 4. (1 stands for very untrue and 4 stands for very true.) Read on for your results.

____ Everyone I work with would be able to describe our ideal client and what inspires them to buy from us.

____ Everyone I work with (whether they are in marketing, sales, operations or finance) communicates the same message and values to each other and to our clients.

____ Almost all of our clients can accurately describe our logo and what our organization stands for.

____ Almost all of our prospects remember our company’s name and the main message that we share (whether in person, on the phone or through marketing and advertising).

____ Everyone I work with feels confident about our brand’s effectiveness because we have a third party take a close look at our practices and make recommendations for improvements every three to five years.


16-20 Congratulations! Looks like your brand is in fairly good health. Keep up the momentum with regular brand updates and communications.

10-15 Not bad, but it may be time for infusing some new energy into your brand. Consult an outsider for tips on keeping your brand fit between workouts.

5-9 Looks like your brand needs a good workout to get into better shape. A third party can help you strengthen your brand, boost efficiencies and positively impact the bottom line. Now that’s worth the exercise!