How Happy Are Your Employees?

My husband recently changed jobs after providing nine years of service at the previous employer. Just yesterday I interviewed a potential teammate for my company who also left a job after nine years. I myself once left a position at an amazing company after just two years there.

What do all of these cases have in common?

In all three scenarios, the employee felt under appreciated. Uncelebrated. Unworthy.

Consider the alternative: happy employees produce more, take better care of your patients, and are healthier therefore missing fewer days of work. recently reported that happy employees “…believe in the greater purpose of our company… have a personal passion for their role at the company, [have] values [that] align with company values,… [and have] family members (or other loved ones) [who] are proud of what they do.” Read the article.

We have medical practice consultant friends who are brilliant at honing happy employees in practices like yours. Particularly if your practice is in its first five years, it is critical that you get clear about your leadership style, communications systems, and vision for your culture so that you ultimately create the best possible place for your people to work. It’s entirely different for every practice, so working with a consultant can help tremendously. Learn who we refer.

Here at Big Buzz, we continually and deliberately work on bettering our workplace.  Our values include: 1) Health and Happiness, 2) Communication and Collaboration, 3) Honesty and Openness, and 4) Talent and People – and we incorporate each of these values throughout our workdays. We build 20 minutes into our schedules every workday for meditation. We have all participated in business coaching to learn how best to communicate. We regularly check in with the whole team to share our wins and challenges. We each follow a set of Key Measures of Success and have Individual Development Plans so that we are honest with one another with our progress in achieving our professional and personal goals.

It’s a terrific place to work. I work with happy people, and that brings me great happiness.

One of my teammates just left for the day. I told her, “Have a great weekend. And Molly, thanks for all of your terrific service to our organization!”

You know what she said back? “My pleasure!” And I know 100% that she meant it.