How Tomorrow’s Patient Will Find Your Practice

Sure, you know to ditch the phone book listing in favor of online advertising, but are you really on the cutting edge of marketing?

Your patients are.

Here are three emerging trends not to miss:

Now on Tap. This Google app is a “a sleek, impressive, and ambitious demonstration of machine learning that sits always at attention, ready to sift through the pile of data your smartphone is constantly producing in order to make your life easier.” (Source: In other words, it may help close the gap between your future patient’s mobile search for your practice and getting that patient in the chair at your office.

Mobile-Friendly Website. You likely saw the news that Google now strongly favors in its search rankings those websites that are optimized for use on mobile devices. But did you know that 70% of searches carried out on mobile devices lead to action in under 1 hour whereas only 30% of those carried out on a desktop computer lead to action in 1 month? (Source: Time to get mobile!

Quit Stressing about the Scroll. In the old days, dentists fretted that website visitors shouldn’t have to scroll down the page to read content. Not so any longer! In fact, “More engagement happens right at and below the fold than above.” (Source: The fold is the point at the bottom of the website before any scrolling takes place. As long as content is relevant and laid out with excellent user experience design in mind, you’re good to go.

Keep up with the times to keep up with the patients that help your practice and passion grow and thrive.