The Importance of Tracking New Patients to See ROI

The most effective and consistent way to grow your practice is to track where your new patients are coming from. The facts that lead to trends are imperative to record, so that your practice’s production, revenue, and profitability are clear and in your control.

The key to effective marketing is two-fold: consistency and accurate tracking. Once you have determined what types of marketing resonates with your target audience and what channels they pay attention to, keep going. Radio commercials aren’t successful after airing for just one 30-second spot. Take your practice’s unique brand messaging and continually put it out to market, over and over again.

Once the marketing is deployed, it is imperative to tediously and religiously track where every single new patient is coming from. Implement systems and structures within your practice to ensure every single team member is on board, knows what questions to ask, and knows how the information is going to be documented. One simple way to document new patient sources is to do so when the patient schedules their appointment and to note it in their file. Additionally, keeping a running document of different patient sources will help you and your team to see trends as they grow and evolve over time.

If after one month, you see that the majority of your new patients are coming from referrals, it may be worth your time to boost and optimize your team’s internal referral strategy, as to capitalize on this already viable new patient source.

If after six months, you see that not a single new patient has come from the TV commercial you are running, it may be worth your while to reallocate that budget elsewhere, to a marketing tactic that is driving new patient traffic.

Watch these trends closely month over month. Soon, the question of what marketing tactics you should be running will become obsolete. Eventually, as tracking becomes second nature to your team, you will have much more time to sit back, relax, and watch your practice thrive, knowing you are investing in the tactics that really move the meter.

Big Buzz offers clients their own custom online marketing dashboard so they can clearly see marketing results, new patient numbers, production potential and ROI.

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