Improve Your Site’s Click-Through-to-Conversion Rate

By August 8, 2008Blog

There are plenty of nifty tools out there to help drive and measure traffic to and the success of your website, including Google AdWords and Google Analytics – and, the latest and greatest – Google Insights, as written up August 6, 2008, in The New York Times (

These tools are essential to getting noticed, but once users click through to your site how do you persuade them to commit to the next step in your sales cycle? Here are four quick things you can do to improve your conversion rate:

Curb the Pain. Develop a library of customer reviews that speak directly to the target audience’s needs and pain points. This next part is key: strategically place reviews on the website near areas where the customer is asked to make a decision toward the purchase. (“Add To Cart,” “Click Here for Quote,” “Call for a Consultation,” etc.) Check out – they’re brilliant at this.

Show Credibility. Place the logos of credible affiliates, like VeriSign or the Better Business Bureau, near those same areas where the user is asked to move forward in the sales cycle. This demonstrates secure payment and shows that you’re a real company. Customers are more apt to convert to buyers when they know they are dealing with a trusted company.

Slow Down. No one is more excited about your offerings than you. To that end, we all sometimes get ahead of ourselves in the sales cycle. Have a third party read through your site page by page to ensure that each step in the conversion process asks the user simply to take the next action. Beware of bombarding them with too much information or too many tasks at once.

Fix Hiccups. When your site was built, you undoubtedly made it easy to navigate. Over the lifetime of a site, changing technologies sometimes create bugs. Have that same third party check for dead ends, misleading or non-linear links and other hiccups that may now exist. You’ll be back to converting web leads to sales in no time!

It never hurts to consult with the pros to really amp up your conversion power. As quickly as technology evolves, it’s easy to fall behind the curve. When in doubt, hire it out.