Intern Corner: Departing is Such Sweet Sorrow

By January 2, 2013Blog

After a three-month stint with Big Buzz Brands as the Content Coordinator Intern, it’s time to hop on my horse and ride into the sunset. I learned a lot about marketing, copywriting and office culture in general and wanted to share my learned wisdom as a parting gift.

A marketing team can do nothing successfully without the clients’ help and cooperation.

As a marketing content creator, I can write you social media posts and blogs until the cows come home, but if I’m not getting feedback or involvement from my client, it’s unlikely there will be improvement in online presence and followers. We aren’t in our clients’ office, doing the work they do, meeting with their patients and interacting with them, and that limits how much work we can do. We can help create messaging that meets with our clients’ business goals, values and ideals but we need their personality and input. Patients/clients who have grown to know our clients and their staff want to see their personality shine through the marketing team’s work!

Clients don’t have to do much to be involved. They can take on a social media posts once a week to write about office happenings (we have one client who gives away flowers to clients randomly and posts it online), write a blog for their website or take a photo for Instagram. Followers want to see who is behind the social media accounts they follow and appeasing that want will make or break your online presence’s success.


Like most fields, marketing has been significantly impacted by the advances in technology. And if you’re not keeping up with the changes, you can kiss your clients goodbye. Investing in educating your team about new technologies, software, etc. will put you ahead of the pack. Attend marketing seminars, hire a specialist to teach you about how social media is evolving or take time out of your workday to watch a webinar on best marketing practices. The more you educate, the better prepared you’ll be to take on whatever comes your way.

Office culture is everything and family is first, really.

One of the best parts about Big Buzz is the environment. Time is spent picking the right people to perform the job, and uncovering how they will interact with other people in the office. I have loved working with everyone here and know that that isn’t a stroke of luck. Effort needs to be put into the culture of the office as well. From taking fifteen minutes for daily meditation, to an occasional happy hour with the team, to celebrating wins and discussing losses openly, the amount of care you put into making your office a happy environment will be returned in full.

And the most important lesson I learned is that you are nothing without your friends and family. Big Buzz would not have just celebrated its five year anniversary if it wasn’t for the help and support of friends and family. And our staff would never have received that support if not for realizing that work is not the only thing in life and not the most important part of our being. If your child is sick, it’s time to take care of them. If an important family event is taking place, it’s time to celebrate with them. Work only satisfies part of your life and family must satisfy another.

Working at Big Buzz will has helped solidify the marketing ground that my fledgling self has been wobbling on and I will take what I have learned to heart and mind and move on up!

Thanks to my Big Buzz Team for everything.


Kay Wynarsky, Content Coordinator Intern

Over and out.